Family life - wedding to baptism | Family preview

A Message From PTP

Having photographed their wedding in Venice August 2009, and then a quick photo shoot with their new baby boy Leonardo in Richmond Park December 2013, it was such an honour and presonally so rewarding to be flown out to Venice again to photograph the baptism of their 3 children - Leonardo (now 3yrs) and twins Alba & Luna (15months). In the same church, on the same island, in Venice - same family, same photographer, same love.

This is how I want my business to thrive - loyalty to and from my clients for years and years after the first event we photograph.

Not winning awards from a faceless panel of other photographers. Not being lauded as the most creative photographer ever. Not photographing hundreds of events every month and never seeing our clients again.

Instead, proving our creativity and quality of service at the first event, and then being asked to be with them as their own family grows - the true definition of "a photographer for life".

Client Testimonial

You are the BEST - the pictures are lovely!!! We are so happy that you came to Venice and now we will always be able to remember this lovely day!