Zhenya & Yoni | Connaught Hotel


A Message From PTP

There's intimate and then there's Zhenya & Yoni intimate. This was such an treat for me - not having met them before the day, and with just 4 people in total, I tried not to feel too self-conscious! the fun started at the Jumeirah Carlton Towers hotel where Zhenya and her sister had stayed the night before. the preparation shots were so easy as they made me feel very welcome. the highlights were definitely watching Zhenya create her own music playlist for the ceremony on her iPod! and the live Skype chat on Zhenya's laptop with their mum in the Ukraine - by moving the laptop around their Mum was able to "see" Zhenya in her wedding dress! then it was off in the cab to the Connaught Hotel where the ceremony and lunch were to be. I dashed into the bar to meet the groom, and father-to-be, Yoni with his best mate Alex. they looked smart, relaxed and ready for what was about to happen - most importantly they had the rings! the short ceremony was held in a small intimate ante-room and was capped off with champagne all round at the end. then a few shots of the couple and the 4 of them in a few different spots in the hotel, as well as outside, and it was onto lunch. before i knew it, my allotted 2 hours were up and I enjoyed a glass of champers with them before their lunch was served. I loved being with Zhenya & Yoni even if for such a short time - they're fun, stylish and wanted to do everything properly. Hopefully we'll be together again if their plan comes off to host a big wedding party in Israel next year - along with their new baby!

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