Claire & Darren, Liverpool | Wedding preview

A Message From PTP

Shooting a mate's wedding can sometimes have an extra dimension for a professional photographer. Whilst treating the couple as proper clients, there's obviously an additional sense of fun and excitement that they've asked you to be there with them on the day - and to give you the responsibility for capturing everything that happened.

With Claire & Darren it was no different. Darren's a good mate of mine and the MD of Invitation London whose office is next to mine at Elstree Aerodrome. From the start we focussed on the key elements of the day - the importance of the Synagogue to Claire's family; that they wanted a party to remember and that there would be tons of faces I recognised and friends of mine there as guests.

Whilst I was with Claire at her parents' home, Tom was with Darren and the guys. We then covered the Synagogue ceremony together, and the party afterwards. The weather was stunning throughout, the majesty of the Synagogue was incredible and the party was legendary!

So after all that, was I nervous about shooting a mate's wedding? Yes, but I hope you will agree that from the pictures above and the slideshow below they got the day they wanted. And it was extra special for us to be there with them throughout.

Claire & Darren's wedding team -

Venue - Princess Road Synagogue; Crown Plaza, Liverpool

Photography - Paul & Tom from Paul Toeman Photographers

Cinematography - Denis & Evaldas from Denee Motion

Production - Ben from We Are Events

Band - TOTEM

Toastmaster - Jamie Paskin

Photobooth - Fantasy Imaging

Catering - Celia Clyne

Flowers - Flowerbug