Anoushka & Ben | The Langham

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

When a client makes it clear just why she chose YOU to deliver her wedding memories forever - you have to take your hat off to her decisiveness and clarity! And so it was with Anoushka - a confident, modern, intelligent, caring woman who knows exactly what she wants and uses her all her natural charm to make sure everyone else is onboard too. A dream of a client. And her greatest choice so far: her husband Ben. they make such a wonderful couple, wanting to embrace positivity and everything that is great about life. Their ceremony was intimate, quiet and spiritual - just how they wanted it. And with a powerful musical backdrop from Moni and the Totem Gospel Choir, everyone present knew just how emotional this ceremony was going to be - many tears flowed amongst the guests! And after some crazy photos with their boisterous bridal party - so much fun! - it was on to the party. This party really set new highs of audience participation, letting go of inhibitions, not caring about tomorrow and just enjoying and living in the moment. This is how every party should be, right?! What a wedding, what a day, what a couple.

Client Testimonial

"Paullllllll I am cryinnnnng!!!!!!!!!! Omg they are just beyond any words. We just adore you thank you so much can’t stop crying going through them! We just absolutely adore them! You absolute god Paul!! Thank you so much again!"

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