Chloe & Oli | Sheraton Park Lane

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

Having postponed their wedding from last December to yesterday, Chloe & Oli have both been on an amazing journey of steadfast love and determination. Nothing was going to delay their love any longer. They have been rock solid from the start - Chloe loves how Oli makes her laugh and looks after her, with his awesome manly hugs! And Oli adores how she has helped him develop into a more mature guy successfully running his own business - an entrepreneurial streak inherited from his Dad. And then Chloe goes and smashes it out of the park by pivoting during lockdown from being in the fashion business to qualifying and setting up as a dog groomer - a similar entrepreneurial streak she got from her father! So the genes of creativity, hard-work, loyalty and never settling for second best are strong through both families - Oli's brothers and Chloe's sisters are testament to this too! And yesterday's celebration brought both these wonderful families together, with all of the little kids playing their part as well - and showing that even with only 30 people, Chloe & Oli's wedding was going to be THEIR simcha, with THEIR personalities shining through and with a flair for individuality that made this wedding what it was - an absolute blast!

Client Testimonial

"From the bottom of my heart thank you so so much for yesterday. Couldn’t have done it without you. Your photography is exactly what I imagined and wanted for my wedding day. I am so happy & CANT WAIT to see the pictures!!!!!"

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