Dalia & Elisha | Intercontinental Hotel

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

This took PTP to a whole new level of fun. From having first met Dalia & Elisha at Dalia's parents, after a recommendation from Abigail & Miles, I knew that not only did they want something different from their photography, but that we would all have a rollercoaster of emotions the whole day and night. So without pre-empting anything with an engagement shoot, we headed straight into the wedding day with all the girls getting ready in a sense of tingling anticipation for the day ahead. This was brought back down to earth with Dalia's Dad Paul's heartbreaking reaction to seeing his daughter all grown up as a bride in her dress, then counter-balanced with a riotous stretch limo ride to the hotel!Elisha smashed through the noisy Tisch and managed to force his way through the crowds to see Dalia for the 'bedeken' ritual. And then onto what was for me one of the highlights of my wedding photography career - their ceremony. The sheer raw emotion etched on everyone's faces was at times breath-taking - I really hope the images do it justice. A monster crazy party was topped off with a very personal midnight shoot featuring West End theatres, "Boris bikes", a ride in a tuk-tuk, gatecrashing a lock-in pub and a killer hot chocolate and coffee in Bar Italia. 14hours of utter bliss, joy, tears and laughs - and that was just me.