Emma & Nick | Thornton Hall Hotel, Liverpool

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

This couple, this love, this union, this relationship, this wedding - all bets were off, all rules broken, all paradigms shifted. Since first meeting them in Marbella in May 2019, I knew I now had a couple who were pure dynamite. Fiercely independent, strong-minded, beyond fun to be with - exactly the kind of people I love to hang with and for whom I would move heaven and earth to serve. Their engagement party in the October was a riot of colour and laughs, their very own dog photo shoot in the studio with the legendary Casper was so great, and their wedding day was a blessing on so many levels - awesome gang of family & friends, stunning sunny weather breaking out at exactly the right time and a kick-ass party that left many a sore head and sore feet for the next few days! Emma & Nick are so much more than clients or friends to me - they are the embodiment of modern love. Now who wouldn't want to celebrate that?!