Perri & Shlomo | Pillar Hotel

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

Occasionally, a couple come along who want tradition, with a twist. The same but different. To blend but to stand out. Perri & Shlomo are that couple - a modern, professional pair of lovely human beings who wanted their wedding done in a traditional Jewish manner but accents of eccentricity, touches of themselves. They had a public bedeken on the aisle, Perri's brother Mottie sang live during the ceremony, they gave a joint speech during the dinner, they empowered those that wanted to dance to do so whilst others could chill with a coffee outside, and finally they wanted a "let's make it up "Midnight Shoot" (we ended up in the Clardiges Bar enjoying cocktails with a handful of their friends until 1am). It's this blend of respect for how they got to be where they are today, with how they want to move forward as a couple, that made me single them out as one of life's most adorable couples. "Mazeltov" doesn't come close.