Rachel & Alex | Savoy Hotel, London

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

Ah, Rachel & Alex - 2 of the most gorgeously silly, funny, loving, considerate and photogenic people I've ever known! It's certainly been a journey for them in changing their wedding date & venue multiple times, at one point choosing a date I couldn't make so we nearly didn't work together at all! But fortunately the planets re-aligned and Tuesday 9th November was the big day and they had the wedding of their dreams. Rachel knew exactly how she wanted to look & feel and left nothing to chance - Alex was the same! Specific locations around the Savoy at a specific time meant that our brief was organised, thought-through and made sense - perfect!The ceremony was stunning, the party room looked sublime, the party rocked and the food was magnificent. Surely there was something missing I hear you ask? Yes - their furbaby Crouton!