Lucy+David+Benjamin | PTP Studio

Family & Kids

A Message From PTP

So the story continues....Lucy & David had the most charming, fun and stylish wedding and quickly became the poster boy & girl for PTP Weddings. The iconic image of them outside on their wedding day still adorns the walls of the PTP office! And when baby Benjamin came along there was every reason to meet up again and get some images of a gorgeous young family starting out...As they were a PTP Wedding client, this shoot was part of their wedding photography package.

Client Testimonial

 Paul, We really can't thank you enough for these - what gorgeous pictures. You've really captured Benjamin's spirit... And even managed to make us look like we've had a couple of decent nights' sleep! It was so lovely to see you this morning and have a catch-up; it's always fantastic to reminisce. And we so appreciate you giving up your time during a busy Easter weekend, too. Many, many thanks again - and all our best wishes, L, D & B   -  PS, the Bar Mitzvah will be in August 2028... Save the date... ;)