Emily & Ollie | The Dorchester

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

Just sublime - they may have been together for 8years having originally met on Tour, but Emily & Ollie's wedding was fresh, electric and had an unpredicatability that kept everyone on their toes! And I knew it would be - after having had so much fun with Emily & Ollie on their engagement shoot in Regent's Park (link below). No matter what glorious food was brought out by the caterer's team, if the band decided to fill the dancefloor then dancing became the priority! Can't remember the last time I saw such a huge dancefloor filled with so many guests (approx 400) the whole time - an unforgettable party for sure!

Client Testimonial

"Paul thank you so much for everything!!! We couldn’t have asked for a more involved, enthusiastic or calming photographer for our special day- you really added to our whole build up and special day." ~ Emily & Ollie ~ "I am sure your pictures will be wonderful, but more than that I want to say what a sheer pleasure it was to work with you. I also have an insight into the hard work that you put in to ensure the day goes smoothly. Putting the plaster strips on the back of the dress as it got a little tense is an image that will remain with me in my memories of the day. From the bottom of our hearts thank you." ~ Harold & Jacqui (Parents of bride) ~

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