Nina & Dan | Burgh House & Paradise Bar


A Message From PTP

Recently I was booked to shoot the most gorgeous of all weddings. Nina & Dan's commitment to formalise their long relationship by getting married in front of a small collection of close family & friends at Burgh House Hampstead. When I first met Nina & Dan at my studio, I was bowled over by how much fun they are, and how they wanted the wedding to be a proper ceremony. Intimate but with no corners cut. This was going to be the most important day since the birth of their lovely 2 daughters. And they wanted to round off the day with a lunch at the Paradise Bar in Queens Park - a fantastically "shabby chic" venue I know well. So I was thrilled to get to their house in north London on the morning of their wedding to find everyone pretty much ready to go, except Nina! She was realxed, eating croissants and determined to keep one surprise from Dan - her beautiful classic wedding dress. Dan, his brother Ben and I left early in a wicked VW camper van to get to Burgh House early whilst Nina arrived later with the girls in a pure white Rolls Royce to add even more charm and grace to the day. We were blessed with stunning sunny weather (a distant memory as I write this!) and refined piano sounds from Nina's work colleague. The ceremony was short in time, but long with love and some really tender moments and exchanges between everyone in the room. Drinks afterwards were followed by some classic and amusing romantic shots in the garden. Then we were all off to the Paradise - and what a gorgeous place to have a small wedding lunch. I hope the shots in the slideshow above do justice to how wonderfully layered in colour this place is - so much to look at, take in, photograph, enjoy. A visual feast for sure! Following some great speeches from Nina's brother Adam, Dan and then Ben, I bid them all fond farewell with a spring in my step - there's news of a big wedding party later this month to keep the fun going!  

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