Danielle & Sam | Grand Connaught Rooms

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

Hold the front page and prepare yourself for the ultimate wedding extravaganza! Another awesome production - this was my 3rd wedding within the Freiberger community - with hundreds of gorgeous guests, a stunning venue, warm and friendly family, crazily fun friends and some serious dancing all night. Yes folks, it's Danielle & Sam's wedding! Every step of the way I've cherished my time spent with this wonderful couple - they're smart, funny, good-looking, observant of their Jewish faith and thoroughly modern in their outlook on life. Their engagement shoot in Covent Garden was tons of fun and I couldn't wait for the big day itself to arrive. The festivities began at their respective partents' homes before we were all whisked off in gleamingly beautiful cars to their glorious venue in the centre of London. Danielle calmed herself and awaited Sam's arrival for the beddeken ceremony whereby the groom has a chance to check one final time that he is marrying the right girl - this custom at Jewish weddings dates back to Biblical times. Then onto the main ballroom for their stunning ceremony, with every element of a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony respected. Danielle circled Sam seven times symbolising that the world was built in seven days and that they are now building their own new world together. Cups of wine were presented by both sets of parents. Finally, Sam smashed a glass under his foot to symbolise that even during rejoicing, all Jews are mindful of the history of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, and that they now represent the future of the Jewish people. After a few minutes of peace and quiet in the yichud room, Danielle & Sam emerged to greet guests back in the main ballroom and let the party begin! Pure Orange were fantastic as always throughout the night mixing Western and Israeli music the whole time, and there was plenty of dancing throughout with or without the mahitsa! Howard Robbins ensured everything ran smoothly. Finally, some fantastic speeches were followed by more dancing and by the end of the night we'd all had an evening to remember. For me, it was a day full of joy, respect, hospitality and love - the real meaning of a true simcha full of mazel. Above is a selection of our favourite shots, below is their musical slideshow and at the bottom you can leave any comments if you'd like.