Monique & Richard | Soho


A Message From PTP

Had a fun filled hour yesterday shooting Monique & Richard's engagment shoot in town. This was a chance for the 3 of us to get to know each other better, get some cool funky shots and have a laugh. On their wedding day - with over 400 guests - I doubt I'll have much of a chance to share their company so intimately! I'm really looking forward to their weekend of celebrations at the end of this month - I've got the brilliant Annabel and Jen with me due to the number of guests; we're starting at 6am and finishing at midnight and Rich is making a surprise entrance before the ceremony (can't say how though!). Above are a few of my favourites. Really cool couple - loved every minute of this shoot, and capped it off with a proper decent coffee in Bar Italia Soho at the end!